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About Us

About W+W Medsystems

Our business was created in 1980 to supply Drug Distribution Systems and associated products to the relevant sectors of the healthcare market:

  • NHS Hospitals, Private Hospitals
  • Primary Care Trusts
  • Social Services
  • Private Nursing, Residential and Care Homes
  • Community Pharmacies, Dealers/Wholesalers
  • Carers and Charity Organisations, including the RNIB

Our main product range concentrates on devices to aid patients with the management of their medication:

  • Compliance/Concordance Devices, especially the world renowned Dosett® tablet dispenser
  • Monitored Dosage Systems
  • Distribution of Liquid Medication
  • Pill Splitters or Cutters and Crushers
  • Devices for extracting tablets from blister packs
  • Bespoke or DIY Storage Systems and “Sanitised®” Trolleys

We market specialist Tablet Dispensers of all sizes including the Dosett, better known as Dosett®, and the Medi-Wheel (Medical Research Council©).

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