M McDermott

W+W Medsystems is the original producer of the Dosett, the industry standard for medication/pill organizers. I have used them in a work capacity and now for over 10 years in a personal capacity. I’ve tried the odd “knock-off” but they are never the same, it loses small pills inside the main compartment.

I was looking to buy 2 new Dosett’s and contacted the company directly as they do not currently ship to Canada. Their staff were quick to assist me in being able to make a purchase and arrange shipping to Canada.

I purchased on August 22nd and the packaged containing my order arrived, all the way from the United Kingdom, on August 28th. 1 week for shipping from overseas was fantastic. I was expecting it to take much longer.

I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a Dosett Tablet Dispensers. These are the best and worth the cost!